Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Larry Norman

Larry Norman, also known as the Grandfather of Christian Rock, went to heaven Sunday night at age 61. Rolling Stone Magazine had named him the second most important songwriter next to Paul Simon. Nothing for nothing, Paul Simon's got nothing on him.

Larry never got the respect or recognition he deserved, and frankly I doubt he wanted it. He sang gorgeous, hopeful songs of the rapture and the second coming and fearful songs of the end times, songs that pleaded for salvation, songs that showed us how cool it could be to be a Christian and how uncool it could be to NOT be one. He'd make you laugh. He'd make you cry. His way of speaking was simple, his faith simple, his message so simple.

I had the good pleasure of seeing Larry in concert twice. His peaceful voice got straight to my heart so many times. He is a large reason I do what I do. A quote from his song UFO is the basis for my upcoming comic book series Colossians.

I am truly at a loss for words for what a tragic loss this world has suffered with his passing, and so grateful to Larry for his obedience to God and what his songs have meant to us.

I Hope I See You in Heaven, Larry. Thank you so much.

If you appreciated Larry as I did, you can leave his family a message at his message board off his home page.

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