Thursday, April 17, 2008

Numerology? Probably Not But...

Interesting little Megazeen history lesson here.

In 1996 I responded to an ad in the back of Sam Kieth's The Maxx. Seems this kid in Arkansas wanted to start a Christian anthology comic book. The kid's name was Joseph Crossett, and together we published Cross Press Comics Magazine, a weird little b&w comic. He was 17. I was 27.
Issue 2 was planned but never happened. Joseph went to college. My wife and I had another kid. And life went on.
Six years after that initial contact, Joseph and I caught up with each other once again. Joseph's vision was an all-indy, non-cheesy raw Christian zine. In 2002 Megazeen was born. And it has been going strong for years.
Joseph and I are two stubborn dudes, let me tell you. So at some point we got tired of butting heads and went our seperate ways.
Until last night. Another six years. Coincidence?
Joseph is now pushing 30, and I'm a couple weeks shy of 40. When I say that somehow God keeps jamming the two of us together I really know that it's true. When I say I expect some amazing things to come from it I know that's true too.
And this time, we're going to let God do the driving, and stay out of his way.
Cross Press. Megazeen. What's in store this time? Keep watching. I know we are.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fighting the System- Easier Done Than Said

Back in January I announced my plan to boycott all products Marvel and DC. I want to thank everyone for the outpouring of support. I want to let you all know I'm doing well, my health is still strong, I do not have the DT's.

I also quickly recanted my boycott for a singular exception, which was Tiny Titans by the fine guys at Blindwolf Studios. This book, while a quick read, is also a cheap read, and a darn entertaining read. I love everything about it. Tiny Titans goes far beyond cute cartoons, it plays into the mischief and innocence one would truly expect from children with super powers, and it is hysterical. Many of the gags call longtime DC mythology into question with hillarious results. I have no idea where they come up with this stuff, and then how they can execute it so simply and brilliantly. I hope DC has some smarts and keeps Franco and Art working for a long long time.

Here's a few more books I'd highly recommend you DON'T overlook while you ponder wasting your hard-earned cash on every "Secret Invasion" cross-over Marvel can regurgitate onto the shelves (seriously, what were they thinking? "Hey guys, remember that disaster in Fantastic Four about 20 years ago, when we had screwed up the book so bad that we had to make Alicia Masters a Skrull to clean it up? Let's ramp it up into an all-year event! Fanboys will be lining up for miles to read this crap!" And they're right, darn it all).

Anyway, sorry for the strange interludes. My recommendations go to:
Atomic Robo (Red 5 Comics)
Mice Templar (Image)
Return to Wonderland (Zenescope) (this one is not for the squeamish)


PS. I'm a Skrull.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Colossians- Progress Report

For years now, since the start of Megazeen, my emphasis in doing comics has been to promote and assist other artists. I believe that's my calling even, it's where God wants me to be. I get excited when artists start out in Megazeen and then branch into other areas. I started offering Megazeen print services for the sole purpose of providing inexpensive printing for my friends. I revamped so they'd have a place to meet and grow. And we still do Megazeen to find and push new artists to new limits. It's not a pat on the back I'm giving myself by any stretch, and I certainly know that I have not done a perfect job with any of these things.

I guess that's why it's been weird, for me, even a little self-indulgent, to actually be working on my own pet project in the background. And it has taken a long time to get this ball rolling, with all of the above taking place. But finally, unless something goes seriously wrong, Colossians will finally come out this year.
Thankfully, it has not been a solo effort- the very best Megazeen has to offer have been lending a huge helping hand to make the first issue a success. The inks are complete, the colors are halfway done and the lettering is underway.
I'm not going to be one of those guys (I hope) that adds yet another plug to his blog every other day about the same old project. I'm still to busy for that. I'm also not going to be one of those guys to drop those taunting little "we've got a big announcement we just can't talk about" blurbs that rarely materialize into anything. As Colossians draws closer to completion I'll keep you involved. I will be shopping for a publisher- if that materializes I'll let you know, otherwise I'm sticking VERY proudly with self-publishing.
Anyways, for those that have been dropping a line wondering what's happening, here's a page of interior art- drawn by Kneon Transitt, inked by me, colored by Mark Melton. In this scene, a group of alien thugs are finding out the hard way what it means to take on the Manx.