Thursday, April 17, 2008

Numerology? Probably Not But...

Interesting little Megazeen history lesson here.

In 1996 I responded to an ad in the back of Sam Kieth's The Maxx. Seems this kid in Arkansas wanted to start a Christian anthology comic book. The kid's name was Joseph Crossett, and together we published Cross Press Comics Magazine, a weird little b&w comic. He was 17. I was 27.
Issue 2 was planned but never happened. Joseph went to college. My wife and I had another kid. And life went on.
Six years after that initial contact, Joseph and I caught up with each other once again. Joseph's vision was an all-indy, non-cheesy raw Christian zine. In 2002 Megazeen was born. And it has been going strong for years.
Joseph and I are two stubborn dudes, let me tell you. So at some point we got tired of butting heads and went our seperate ways.
Until last night. Another six years. Coincidence?
Joseph is now pushing 30, and I'm a couple weeks shy of 40. When I say that somehow God keeps jamming the two of us together I really know that it's true. When I say I expect some amazing things to come from it I know that's true too.
And this time, we're going to let God do the driving, and stay out of his way.
Cross Press. Megazeen. What's in store this time? Keep watching. I know we are.

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Tommy Flick said...

That's very cool. I didn't get to know Joseph very well before he was out of the picture!