Monday, May 19, 2008

Colossians #1- Cover Preview

If good things come in threes then maybe Colossians is a good thing. Last Tuesday I finished the inks for issue 1, Wednesday I received the first few penciled pages of issue 2, and last Thursday I got the pencil sketch of the cover for the first issue, courtesy of Jeff Slemons.

I won't show you the whole thing, since the scan is a little grainy and, hey, we've got to have some surprises when this thing hits the stands, right? What you're seeing is a giant ape named JazzMan that makes life pretty rough for our heroes for the first several pages. If all goes well, he'll also play a part later in the series, in a 4-issue arc called Fire.

Most of my comic efforts for the next few months will be on Colossians, including a website, a MySpace, and of course the lettering and back-up features (sketchbook, fan art, commentary, etc). I'll continue to preview elements of the book here and discuss progress. If there's anything specific you want to know about, please post a comment and I'll do my best to answer.


Kneon Transitt said...


And... strangely familiar somehow... hmmm...

Eric Merced said...

It reminds me of Arthur Adams... And that is a HUGE compliment. Joey, I am so stoked for you. I cannot wait to see this thing complete and in my hands. I am one of the many proud owners of the Ashcan. Can't wait!!!!!