Thursday, September 6, 2007

Musings at 39- Chest Pains

For a long time I had planned on writing some of my various musings on life, what I've learned and when and how I learned it. But I think what ultimately prompted me to start was when I got a call one night back in July.

"Joey. It's Don's mom."

I know that can't be good. I've known Donny since I was seven. We still regularly keep in touch but rarely talk on the phone unless someone died. That Donny was not the one calling me, well, yeah, that can't be good like I said.

Turns out Donny had a big ol' heart attack and had just come through triple bypass. 38 years old. What the hell? Why am I seeing so many friends cut down way before their time? Anthony, Brian, Mychael, Jenna, the list is getting longer.

But at least Donny made it through. I went to see him in the hospital the very next day, with all the wires sticking out of his body, poor guy. The cool thing about Donny is that he's not one of those old frinds that just talks about the old days. We stay in the now, we get serious when we have to, we mostly laugh, and we don't get on each others' nerves EVER.

But now... man, he had a heart attack. And I've seen my friends cut down. And I'm 39 and I eat really bad food all the time and have an incredibly stressful job. And less than two years ago I was in the hospital for chest pains. And Mike Wieringo just died.

And right now, another one of my best friends is facing HER final days. I can tell when she looks at me, she doesn't say it, but I know she's wondering how much longer, and she's wondering why she hurts and why she can't hear my voice any more.

I'm not very smart, but I guess the best thing we can do is embrace the living, especially when we know days are running shorter. Embrace the living and cherish the days. Embrace the living and do our best to ensure that we meet up again in eternity after this trip ends. That said, I have a phone call to make and some quality time to spend with an old friend.

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