Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mecha Manga CowaBUNGA!!!

Ok, it's finally out, and it looks suh-weet!!! Getting lots of nice attention all over the net, radio, etc.

You can grab a copy online here at a steal for $2.25 (don't be fooled by the price- this is a high-gloss, full color, full size comic book). You can also find us at Revelation Generation at the end of August, or the NY Anime Festival in September. More dates to follow.

It is a great feeling when something you've worked on finally arrives in hard copy form. Nice job all around, and special thanks for JMG Studios for showing some faith in the creative team. No doubt it paid off.


sacred vapor said...

Looks Awesome Joe. I'm ordering my copy now.

sacred vapor said...

Loved the book! great sci-fi portrayal of David & Goliath