Friday, August 1, 2008

Where'd July Go?

OK so I haven't posted in a month, but it's not because I went to be among the blog wannabes that lose interest quickly, nor is it because I have nothing to say. Rather, I've been off the wall busy. July was one of the most eventful months I've had in many many years.

In my personal life, I was offered a job at another company, as a controller, so I left my workplace of nearly 10 years for new horizons. So far, what a great gig. I'm finding myself using parts of my brain I'd long thought dead. It's so cool how God brings stuff like this together. Before starting at the new place, my clan and I got away for a week in Disney, once again, and it was the best vacation we'd ever had. On the way home in the plane my daughter and I watched Edward Scissorhands, so I drew him up.

In the comics realm, I'm working with a friend on a cool little online submission, more on that later. And Mecha Manga Bible Heroes is supposed to make its debut sometime around 8/11. I'll keep you posted on that none too.

The big update on Colossians is that the coloring for issue 1 is COMPLETE (thank you Mark Melton), as is the cover art (thank you Jeff Slemons). Now my buddy Joshua Warren is working up a logo, and I'm playing with the letters and editorials. So little stands in the way now to get this puppy out. Also, Dan Barlow has informed me that the pencils for issue 2 are cranking along very quickly- like, nearly DONE already! There are also some neat developments regarding the ongoing story and viability for the entire series.

Talk soon!

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Mark Melton said...

yippie ! yeah yeah!!!
love that sketch !