Sunday, December 16, 2007


Let it be know that the Endres Family does not mourn long.

Kalypso is about 14 weeks and 28 pounds already, a Great Pyranese mix that was rescued with her two brothers from a kill shelter in Georgia, trucked up to NJ for adoption.

And she's home.

Thanks to all your well-wishes and condolences about our loss earlier this week. We received a flurry of emails, cards and calls of sympathy. It really touched our hearts.
We're big advocates of pet adoption- there's nothing like the gratitude and loyalty of a shelter dog. To find a new friend, go to


jeremy said...

Congrats Endres'!!

I'm sure that Kalypso will be happy with you guys. :)

Mark said...

Give Kalypso a squeeze for me!
woo woo!