Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Worst Day of My Life

Bye Heidi. Bye Mush.

You two dopey dogs, don't drive Jesus too crazy.


jeremy said...

Both of them?

At once?

Aw man - I'm so sorry. Once I saw this post I considered calling to offer my condolences. Losing a pet sucks just as bad as losing a human member of the family. How are you, Mimi, her mom and the kids holding up?

Joey Endres said...

Yeah Jer, it was time. Heidi was pushing 17 and Mush was around 13. Both had arthritis real bad and couldn't do the stairs, or even walk more than a few feet without lying down or collapsing. We did a lot of crying today over it. I was probably the worst.

After much consideration we decided to let them both go together and they did. Mush laid his head on Heidi's belly when he fell asleep, and then they were still. They were two awesome companions and I like to think we gave them a good life.

I know there's nothing in scripture to support it, but I can't imagine heaven without dogs. So, that will be yet another grand reunion.

We are currently on the hunt for a new shelter adoptee and will add a pic when our newest friend comes home, whomever it is.

Thanks brother.

jeremy said...

I know it's not the same, but we just had to put our guinea pig down around two weeks ago. He was a real sweetheart, my son and I both adored him, but he just got really sick (his teeth were overgrown pretty bad. I had no idea their teeth just kept growing), and it was time.

We did, however get a dog in October, so she's helped ease the pain. It's really sweet how the went off together. But it's still pretty sad. We'll be thinking of you in our prayers.

Kneon Transitt said...

So sorry to hear that! :(

We lost two pets in one day a few days before Thanksgiving 2003. Our ferret died of a seizure in the morning, and one of the cats died of a stroke later that night. That was an awful day...

Josh said...


Mark said...

My heart goes out Joey. Pets are amazing and when Angelena and I had to get rid of our two kitties...we cried more than our daughters did.

....very hard time indeed.

I'm praying for you guys!!!