Thursday, July 26, 2007


Most of my comic efforts have revolved around Megazeen. But somewhere in the background of slapping together the zeen, I've been working on my own pet project.
The name of the book is Colossians, a character-driven space opera about (among other things) the acceptance of faith. It's hard to put it into a a simple package like that. It's got action, freaky aliens, humor, suspense, even some romantic tension. I'm really hoping people dig it the way I do.
I managed to convince Kneon Transitt to do the pencils for the first issue. I'm laying down inks myself, and Hale Burckin is doing colors. I'll probably letter it myself once I finally get a script written. Rumor has it Jeff Slemons is going to do the cover, which would be the perfect cap on this first issue.
Anyways, I wanted to pop up one of the colored pages as a preview. Enjoy. Coming soon!

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