Thursday, July 19, 2007

Megazeen of FAILURE

The Megazeen of Failure (our 13th regular issue) contains some of the best comics I've ever seen in an issue of MZ. Tom Hall, longtime contributor, took the reins as editor for this issue and recruited some of the most amazing talent we have access to.
You like MANGA? Psycho Ann always delivers. Parody? Jeff Slemons hits it with Mad Magazine-esque accuracy. Minimalist? Uncle Schlomo returns with a bible adaptation from I Samuel. The list goes on with Dean Rankine, Keith Stone, Jamie Cosley, Kneon Transitt- all very consistent artists, and their work in this book is no exception. Top it off with the Dan Barlowe wraparound cover and you've got a heck of a book. This Megazeen's got EVERYTHING.
Except, apparantly, readers.
Other than the name of this issue, which may have turned out to be a self-fulfilling prophecy saleswise, I don't get it. I really don't.
(Now I know, this is the part of the show where the smug among you will be sitting back in your chair, cross your arms and say, "HA!" Those Megazeeners, those trouble makers, those hooligans. Serves 'em right. Not that you've ever read an issue or anything to see what we're all about. We don't MAKE Megazeen for you, you judgmental little twerp. Not that you're not entitled to your opinion, but your opinion doesn't count for much if you're not a reader. It would be like me reviewing the new Sandy Patti album. I'm not impressed, but I'm not her audience. She's out to entertain Christians. I'm not. But...I digress...)
Guys... here's the story. Tom contacted specific artists and told them, "The theme is failure, do something that deals with that issue." There's not one of us that hasn't failed at something (probably TODAY in fact), not one of that hasn't been disappointed in the failure of something, and plenty of examples in the Bible that deal with failure. It's a topic that should be confronted.
Credit to Tom who weeded out the trash, like artists who intentionally drew a bad piece and called it a failure. What made the book is spot-on one of the best anthologies out there. Funny, creepy, thought-provoking, edgy.
People keep asking me "When is the 'One-Page' book coming out? The answer is, well, when I sell enough Failure books to pay for the printing. That's what we call 'non-profit.'
Buy it.

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