Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Wrong Miracle

So there's this young man named Brian from my church. He's in his mid-twenties, one of "the beautiful people" - tall, blonde, blue eyes, athletic, the works. Married a beautiful girl four years ago and they bought a little log cabin together. He and I served together on the church board for a year (one VERY long year, btw). Mid-twenties. Such a cool guy I based my character "Smiling Bry the Nice Christian Guy" on him. The guy has his whooooooole life ahead of him.
A few months ago he was diagnosed with Melanoma.
We prayed for Brian and fasted for Brian. We collected money for Brian to help meet expenses. On Free Comic Book Day the Megazeen crew drew sketches and sold books and Brian got the full proceeds from that day. The expectation, of course, was a miraculous full recovery that we could sing songs about for decades. After all, that what we prayed for.
We named it, we claimed it.
Brian died two weeks ago.
The Bible says not to question God (see Job) but honestly, who can help it? It should have been A to B to C and let's move on to a long & healthy life. Right? But this was the wrong miracle.
The miracle had already happened.
Brian was mistreated and all but abandoned by his mother. In his teen years he (without going into details, you can fill in the blanks) sinned. A lot. This kid was hopelessly messed up.
Then Jesus reached out to this hopeless kid and gave him hope. He turned his life around instantaneously, and became one of the most integrity-filled men I have ever had the privelege to know. Brian was the real deal. But the day he accepted Christ, he had no idea how important that salvation would mean to him in a very short time.
Brian didn't know, but Jesus did.
He spent his last day (7/3) reading scripture with his wife and her family by his side. While everyone was talking in the room, Brian suddenly shushed everyone, and in the silence he closed his eyes. When he opened them, Jesus was by his side.
Brian- I'd say rest in peace, bro, but I know you too well. You're wildly dancing and praising and singing and eating, doing what made you happiest here too. Rest isn't on the agenda. Save some ham for me brother. We'll miss you down here, but we'll see you soon enough.

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