Sunday, July 29, 2007

Uncharted Water Colors

My daughter asked me today if we could do some painting together. Sometimes I have to remind myself that when I go on these little quality time adventures with her they always pay off in a huge way. Much more than lying around on the couch eating.

So I broke out a couple of new sets of paints that I picked up from a local art store going out of business. I only bought them because they were cheap, since painting is certainly not my forte. My daughter asked for the one little canvas I had bought, so I gave her the acryllics and the little easel.

Me, I broke out the watercolor tubes. I had watched a guy at the Big Apple Con paint an amazing picture of the Manx using just black watercolor washes, and I was fascinated by the process, so I picked up some identical paints to see what I could do. After experimenting a little, I decided to get a little ambitious and attempt to re-create the first drawing I did in the "Old Men" series I drew a couple of years ago, on 11x14 vellum bristol. There be the results. I have no idea whether it's any good but I had fun doing it, and look forward to giving it another shot.

Oh, my daughter lost interest after 5 minutes and a canvas half-painted orange. God bless her. She's got the same attention span as her father. What were we talking about again?

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