Sunday, August 26, 2007

Colossians- The Art Team

Last month I talked about my personal series, Colossians, an idea that's been developing for way too many years, and is finally coming to fruition in ways I had never dreamed.

When I had re-written Colossians after a dismal first attempt in Cross Press Comics, I had mentioned that I thought Kneon Transitt woyld be the dream penciller on the project. He blew me away by pencilling the first 13 pages based on a quick plot synopsis I sent him. Later I convinced him to draw the other half of the story that would complete the first issue. I've been inking it slowly ever since, splitting my interest between that, Megazeen and, unfortunately, too many video games.

The project came back to life when Hale Burckinh expressed interest in coloring the pages. But as we proceeded, it occured to me there was a major problem- that the first issue was just a start, and that I did not want to leave it hanging. The initial story arc would take four issues. Kneon was already wrapped up in other projects, and I would never be happy with my own style to complete it myself.

So, I began to ponder, were there three other artists out there that would complete the dream the way Kneon and Hale had begun it?

The answer is coming from three outstanding Megazeen artists. I'd be hard pressed to find three nicer, more capable guys, each uniquely suited to draw their particular issue. I will reveal their names and share some work as I receive the first completed page from each of them.

I know I'm going to need more help before we're done. Colorists, inkers, help with the scripts. But we're rolling ahead full steam now. My heartfelt thanks to all of you for your help with this project. We're gonna blow their minds!

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Kneon Transitt said...

A blog?!

When did THIS happen?

Good to hear you're still plugging away on the inks, Joey.

Video games are teh ebil.

I got Final Fantasy XII for Christmas and I'm still playing it. When I had more free time, I could plow through an RPG in a week or two.

But... something's gotta give. Only so many hours in a day, afterall.

That, and I have to fight my son for the PS2. Kid loves his LEGO Star Wars...