Sunday, August 26, 2007

Things That Make Me Happy

Sea lions and elephant seals, especially if they're performing in a show (because I remember my Dad laughing at them).
Free ice at a hotel.
The Country Bear Jamboree (because I remember Dad laughing at it).
Buying cheap junk at comic shows and thinking they're treasures.
Drawing or painting something really well.
Bad 80's music on the radio.
Time spent with friends.
PB&J with Fritos (because Mom made it like that).
Watching Forrest Gump every time it's on TV (it's a rule in my house).
Going to church on Sunday morning.
A good "City of Heroes" session (a rarity).
Pink Floyd's The Wall.
My Mom's fruit salad.
The smell of a new action figure fresh out of the package.
The Gong Show (because I remember Dad laughing).
The "Head-On" stick near my bed that helps me sleep.
My massage chair.
Gorillas, Chimps and Orangutans.
Being outside at night when it's quiet.
Petting my dogs.
My wife's continuing interest in me.
The stories my kids tell of their adventures at school.
My dad's laugh.

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