Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Musings at 39

It has dawned on me, rather depressingly, that the days of my youth are nearly gone, and that I must confront the fact that, somewhere along the way, I grew up and am growing older.

In less than nine months I will be 40.

I will say that, at nearly 40, I'm fairly pleased with my accomplishments and my general state of happiness. I'm married to an awesome woman, and have two terrific daughters. I've been to college and beyond, and have a successful business career. I've also had many unique opportunities to pursue dreams, through radio, comic books and even preaching. We've got a house and a couple dogs and we're virtually debt-free.

I think the part that gets under my skin is that life is slipping by, the girls are growing up, the hair's getting grayer and I'm far more tired than I was. Not that it's all bad- I do find my wife hotter than ever.

Realistically, I probably don't have as many days before me as behind me now, at least in this world.

So, what to do about it? And what have I learned?

I will be pondering these questions regularly in my "Musings at 39" entries, earnestly seeking assurance that I am not quite dead yet.

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